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Plan-G v4.2.5.295

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Plan-G Flight planner for flight simulators.
Latest version includes bug fixes and enhancements - see the readme for details.
To install: Download and unzip (use 7Zip) to the folder of your choice.
Please rebuild your databases on first use.

There is now a private Transmitter server for the display of MSFS multiplayer aircraft. Please see the map on the forum main menu.
Download the Transmitter client to access this server: Transmitter Client for Plan-Gv4.2.5+
(connection details are included with the download)

* Fixed Conversion from True to Magnetic sometimes gave invalid wind direction
* Added URL for private Transmitter server in settings
(server is live as of this update)
* Main logbook screen now displays aircraft instance title instead of manufacturer
* Fixed problem with Transmitter refresh timer
* Fixed some bad tooltip text
* Made Transmitter server URL settable (in advance of private server)
* Fixed Text issues with dark theme
* Fixed bad coordinates rendered some airport diagrams tiny (needs database rebuild)
* Set Copyright for 2024
* Added logging for MSFS install path check


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