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Plan-G v4.2.3.288

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Plan-G Flight planner for flight simulators.
Latest version includes bug fixes and enhancements - see the readme for details.
To install: Download and unzip (use 7Zip) to the folder of your choice.
Please rebuild your databases on first use.

Add support for MSFS TACANs
Fixed TACAN channel did not show X/Y suffix
Fixed XPlane showed incorrect TACAN channel number
Fixed duplicate VOR/ILS/DME records in XPlane database
Fixed problem reading parking data in FranceVFR airfields
Corrected runway surface description in FranceVFR airfields
Removed Stamen maps that are no longer working
Added Stamen Watercolour Legacy map (provided through Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Collection)
Added support for Stadia Maps subscription (free plan available)


This download was added on Sun Dec 17, 2023 11:06 pm by Tim  • Last download Sat Jul 20, 2024 9:08 pm

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